Jostens Commitment to Social Responsibility

We take great care in passionately helping people express themselves, celebrate experiences and traditions, recognize achievements and share their stories.

We live our values – every member of the Jostens' team is accountable to customers, to act with integrity and responsibility, to respect and recognize and to embrace change. We believe that living our values is required to earn customer loyalty and meet the expectations of all our stakeholders.

It is within this framework that Jostens conducts all business based on health and safety, respect for the environment and commitment to the communities in which we work.

Our commitment

Jostens' commitment to operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner is in the best interest of our employees, customers and communities in which we operate. It is part of our approach to doing business in an ethical manner and doing the right thing for today and the future.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for employees and avoiding adverse impact and injury to employees, the environment and communities in which we do business. We operate in compliance with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations.

Health and Safety

Our strategy to maintain a safe and healthy work environment is grounded in our Company Values and our Jostens Business Conduct and Ethics Principles.

Workers' Rights

Jostens takes very seriously its commitment to the fair and ethical treatment of workers worldwide and the eradication of human trafficking and slavery. Jostens has practices and procedures in place to ensure our compliance and help ensure the compliance of our suppliers with our policies and with applicable laws, rules and regulations. In addition, Jostens continually reviews and assesses ways in which we can enhance our corporate social responsibility in our locations throughout the country as well as with our suppliers.

At Jostens, we believe that no worker should be subjected to substandard working conditions, and we pride ourselves on working to help ensure an appropriate work environment for all of our employees as well as the employees of our suppliers. To help us meet these goals, Jostens has undertaken numerous steps, including the following:

  • Adopting the Jostens Workplace Code of Conduct. The Jostens Workplace Code of Conduct acknowledges our corporate responsibilities to our employees, our customers and the communities in which we do business. Among its requirements are complete prohibitions on the use of involuntary and child labor. Translated Workplace Code of Conduct
  • Requiring our suppliers to agree to abide by our Workplace Code of Conduct, as well as to certify that the supplier's products and materials comply with the human trafficking and slavery laws of the country in which the supplier does business. Continued compliance with the Workplace Code of Conduct, including but not limited to human trafficking and slavery laws, is an important factor utilized by Jostens to help determine which suppliers with whom Jostens continues to conduct business.
  • Maintaining Jostens' membership with the Fair Labor Association (FLA), a third party organization chartered to assess compliance with workers' rights and safety. In addition to Jostens' activities in support of the FLA and its goals, the FLA conducts unannounced audits of Jostens' production facilities, both company-owned and certain of its suppliers. Jostens maintains an ongoing team of employees to collaborate with the FLA and is accountable to lead the remediation of any deficiencies discovered during such audits.
  • Maintaining a hotline providing a method for Jostens' employees and suppliers to report concerns to Jostens quickly and anonymously. Providing periodic training regarding human trafficking and slavery to Jostens' employees and management responsible for supply chain management in order to mitigate risks and ensure that corrective action will be taken in the event of any violations.

Diversity and Inclusion

Jostens believes that diversity and inclusion are vital to achieving its Mission of creating experiences that champion a culture of belonging, achievement and pride. Jostens is committed to being an inclusive institution that celebrates diverse cultures and fosters belonging and community. We support schools as they build inclusive cultures. We support educators to fulfill their purpose and cultivate student achievement. We support students in celebrating their achievements and their uniqueness. We believe that diverse employees and customers strengthen Jostens. We strive to promote equality within and beyond our company. Consistent with Jostens’ goals to promote pride and provide treasured products for all, if a customer would prefer to remove a Confederate flag from a previously purchased Jostens ring, the ring can be returned and Jostens will work with the customer to provide a redesigned ring at a nominal cost. To do so, see warranty page.

Material sourcing

Our sourcing strategy is to confirm that our raw material sources, finished goods suppliers and contract manufacturers support our Values and meet Jostens Business Conduct and Ethics Principles. We follow a strict internal selection and verification process and support third party verification processes that strive for sustainable change throughout industries regardless of location.

Diamonds and synthetic stones

All diamonds purchased by Jostens are certified to be conflict-free by our diamond suppliers, who adheres to the Kimberley Certification Process. Also, Jostens maintains a long-term relationship with a leader in the production of synthetic stones.


As with all raw materials, Jostens follows a strict selection process for fabrics. Graduation gowns are available for purchase or rent and rental gowns are cleaned in a closed-loop dry cleaning system with minimal waste, which is collected and recycled.

Jostens provides a line of innovative regalia for graduates: the Elements Collection®. The Elements Collection fabric fiber is made from wood sourced exclusively from renewable, managed forests. The fabric used in the Elements Collection cap, gown, and hood shell is a biobased product and has been shown in scientific tests to biodegrade under controlled conditions.*

*In a laboratory test conducted by an independent testing facility in accordance with ASTM D5511 and ISO 15985, biodegradation of 85.5% was achieved within 2 months under specific temperature and humidity conditions. Results under different conditions or at landfills in your area may vary and continued decomposition rates are unknown.

In addition, the Eco-Zip™ coil zipper tape and teeth are made from 100% recycled PET.


As part of our ongoing commitment to sound environmental and social practices, we worked diligently with our gold supplier to confirm that gold is sourced through environmentally and socially responsible sources. Jostens uses recycled gold, often referred to as the "greenest gold", which reduces our need to obtain newly-mined gold for our ring products.

Jostens has endorsed the "Golden Rules" as set forth by the No Dirty Gold Campaign, an Earthworks campaign that promotes responsible gold mining.

Jostens recognizes that Alaska's Bristol Bay Watershed is an ecosystem of national and international significance and we support permanent protection of the Bristol Bay Fishery Reserve from large-scale metals mining.


Paper is a key raw material used in the production of Jostens' yearbook and memory book products. Jostens is committed to working with its customers in making environmentally educated choices about paper.

All paper used in the production of Jostens' yearbook and memory book products is purchased from paper companies that conduct business in a responsible manner by minimizing their impact on the environment. These companies have sound environmental policies and practices that address how their operations impact our air, water, land and forests.

All paper used in the manufacturing process comes from non-controversial forests that are responsibly managed for sustainability, biodiversity of plants and animals and for soil and water management.

These suppliers are members of numerous forest management associations and they participate in certification processes that vary by location and product lines that include; The American Tree Farm Society, The Sustainable Forestry Initiative® program, The Forest Stewardship Council™, The National council for Air and Stream improvement, The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification and many others.

All pulp used in the production of our paper is elemental chlorine free. This includes all Jostens' paper-based products including yearbooks, memory books, graduation announcements and diploma papers.

Jostens has reduced its paper usage by millions of sheets over the past several years through technology investments and redesigning processes. These reductions have come from schools creating pages online and proofing over the web.


Our manufacturing strategy is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees and avoid adverse impact and injury to employees, the environment and communities in which we do business. Employees whose jobs involve manufacturing have a special responsibility to safeguard the environment in the handling and disposal of materials and emissions.

Jostens facilities participate in a coordinated process to assess opportunities and implement initiatives to reduce our overall carbon footprint through process changes and by reducing, reusing and recycling.


Jostens makes efforts to recycle all waste paper, cardboard and aluminum used in the manufacturing process in addition to comprehensive recycling in office environments.

Give Back Programs

Jostens supports environmental sustainability through the The Nature Conservancy

Through the purchase of Jostens Elements Collection® caps and gown, Jostens offers graduates an opportunity to give back to the environment. Jostens will donate $1 to an environmental sustainability project on behalf of students that post a code from their gowns at Responsible Regalia™.

Our direction and commitment

We make choices every day that impact the people and places around us. Jostens pays special attention to these critical choices. We do our best to reduce our environmental footprint and to add value to students, families and communities with careful consideration for the generations to come. As a market leader, Jostens is committed to supporting initiatives to ensure a bright future for all we touch.

If you have comments or questions about Jostens' commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility, please contact Jostens at