Bring your graduation to life with personalized college graduation announcements! You’ve earned this – now it’s time to celebrate your achievements with your closest supporters!

Picture Your Achievement

Your college journey is about you. Announce your graduation in your own personal style with custom photo cards. Available in a variety of designs and layout options.

Learn More About College Graduation Announcements

College graduation announcements are the perfect way to inform the people in your life about your academic achievement and give this special occasion the attention it deserves.

Creating personalized graduation announcements is the best way to commemorate the many years of hard work that the achievement took and celebrate the important milestones in your life.

After you put in all of that effort to get your diploma, it’s only natural that you want the people you care about to know the big news through graduation announcements for college. 

So, what are some of the top reasons you should send college graduation announcements to your loved ones? Well, there are many! 

First off, graduation is a huge achievement that should be celebrated. You deserve to share the big news with everyone in your life. At the same time, undergraduate graduation announcements allow you to keep the extended family updated on how you’re doing, which might not always be possible to do regularly. Finally, college graduation announcements can actually be a good networking opportunity, allowing you to inform the people in your circle about your career path and potentially opening up career opportunities that might be available.

University graduation announcements should be sent with enough time for guests to respond and plan their time so that they can make the graduation and/or graduation party. Therefore, it’s important to get the college graduation invitations delivered at least two weeks before the event. That will give the invitees enough time to provide you with a response about whether they can attend. This will also let you plan the size of the graduation party accordingly.

At Jostens, we offer handcrafted personalized college graduation announcements that can be customized according to your needs. Whether you want a traditional, modern, or photo card style, Jostens can provide you with a high-quality announcement design that will suit your needs and preferences. We even offer special college grad announcements+, which allow you to share personalized videos through scannable QR codes on the announcement. Jostens has a variety of college announcement options and the expertise to bring your ideas to life, which makes working with us easy and convenient.

First off, even if people have an idea that you will graduate, they won’t know the specific details about the graduation ceremony and party unless you inform them. In addition, calling dozens of people one by one is a hassle that can make keeping track of who is coming and who can’t make it almost impossible. When you design and send out a college graduation announcement using Josten’s services, you can inform everyone in your life who wants to know how you’re doing and how your education is progressing.

At the same time, sending out Josten’s college graduation announcements will allow your family members to show off their impressive relative to their friends and colleagues. They are proud that someone in their family has excelled in their education and will surely want to boast about this remarkable achievement to the people in their close circles.

Another benefit of college grad announcements is creating memories you and your family will cherish for a lifetime. These invitations will serve their primary purpose. Ultimately, you will be sharing a memento of a significant accomplishment that people will hold on to for years to come.

Finally, you can share this special moment with the people that matter the most. You will send out a graduation announcement not just to those who you want to attend but also to people who have shaped your life in one way or another. Whether it is a teacher, a counselor, or a good influence that guided you in the right direction, a graduation announcement is a symbolic way to show them that they are partly to thank for what you were able to accomplish.

When choosing college graduation announcements for your special day, the company you work with can make a big difference. When you work with Jostens, you can rest assured that you’ll receive top-quality designs, materials, and support so that sending out the invitations is a seamless and convenient process.

When you work with Jostens, you also get a trusted partner that will help you celebrate your academic life and achievements. We provide you with everything you need to bring family and friends together for graduation ceremonies and celebrations. Jostens has experience in creating various graduation products that ensure that your expectations are exceeded every step of the way.

At Jostens, you get a variety of designs and the confidence that you’ll receive graduation announcements on time and exactly the way you wanted them.