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1994 Thirty Year Reunion

Thumbnail pictures captured from the Internet Way Back Machine.  Links may not work.  Those thumbnails that do not appear are apparently no longer in the archives.  They will load from the Way Back Machine rather than our website and may take a while.

April Lange Erickson

Reunion Band

Benny Dunagan

Benny Dunagan & Bill Wilkinson

Betty Leydet Giffin

Bill Wilkinson

Bob McConkey

Bob Terrell

Brenda Prickett Peddicord

Bud Sell

Class of 64

Cynthia Yontz Schafer

Reunion Fun

Dave Aulbach

Deanna Kriegel Higby

Dewey Roberts

Diane Kniefel Dupont

Elks Lodge

Frank Wise

Social at golf course

Social at golf course

Social at golf course

Jeri Robertson McCracken

Bud Linthicum

Jim McMurtrey & Bud Linthicum

Jim Pfost

Jim Pfost at Reunion Dance

Joan Mintz Fish

Judy Willis Husfloen

June Vance (Len's Wife)

Karl Vogelmann

Larry Beach

Larry Beach & Jill Mannion

Len Vance

Linda Coombes Viken

Carol Weathers

Lonnie Viken

Fred Giffin

Frances Blickenstaff

Cheryl Roper

Janice Wilson

Carol Weathers

Jeri Robertson,Rusty Hamilton
& Cheryl Rogers

Peggy Johnson

Bruce Lord

Dee Roberts

Patsy Horgan

Patsy Horgan&
Suzanne Sherer

Pauline Anderson

Jim McMurtreys Wife

Lee Mathis

Lee Mathis Wife

Virgil Johnson

Shirley Hering

Cherie Roper

Tom Seng


John Mintz

Dennis Wetherill &
Cheryl Rogers

Bill Sanders

Nippy Anderson

Valerie Berriochoa

Robin Hicks & Virgil Johnson

Frances Blickenstaff's Husband

LG Bollinger

Dave Erickson &
Ron Lemmon

Scott Johnson,
Virgil Wood & Gerald Smith

Lamont Peterson &
Mary Matthews

Patsy Horgan


Master of Cermonies

Nancy Boyd Bova

Nancy Boyd Bova

Nick Critelli

Opening Scene

Jim Pfost,Dewey Roberts,
April Lange Erickson

Reunion Party

Reunion Party

Reunion Party

Reunion Party

Reunion Party

Reunion Party

Reunion Party

Reunion Party

Reunion Party

Reunion Party

Reunion Party

Reunion Party

Reunion Party

Reunion Party

Reunion Picnic

Reunion Picnic

Reunion Picnic

Reunion Picnic

Reunion Picnic

Robin Hicks

Ron Lemmon

Russ Burtner

Scott Johnson

Sue Cairns Philley

The Always Lovely
Suzanne Sherer Roberts

Tom Seng

Virgil Wood

Wayne Selvig

Wayne Selvig

Willy Mcatee




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