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Tom P.'s Memories of Mountain Home

I gave this narration at my class' 30th reunion and Jim asked if I could present it at this reunion if a fill-in was needed and of course we ran short of time for most all of the planned dialogue. Cynthia asked if I would present it to the large group that met at the D.I. later but I was not in very good shape at that time of the morning, so I thought that I would share it with you now.

"Tonight I'd like to continue our nostalgia and take you back to our youth and Mtn. Home past. So, ride shot gun and take a short trip with me."

We're cruising down main, got the radio tuned to KFLI, listenig to "Surfin USA". We pass business' like: Bastida Auto, the old Montgomery Blunk...has anyone ever figured out what a Blunk is? Now as we continue it's Western Auto, then Farmer's Warehouse, my Dad's old Sinclair Service Station, Doc Weber's office is down the street, Oregon Trail Cafe, Mtn. Home Theatre, "House on Haunted Hill": is playing and we hear "Puff The Magic Dragon" on "K-Fly".Across the street sits the old Train Depot and park, past that we see the Basque Hotel (they unknowingly supplied alot of Vino back then), passing the Corner Cafe , the El Rancho, and see Mtn. Home Ice and Storage, Best Way Building Center, before heading toward the underpass. 


We talk about the fun we had at Teen Town and the Sadie Hawkin's Dance and our plans for the upcoming Prom. Driving past the Model Market and Hilander Motel, we can't decide whether to stop at the A&W,for a cold root beer or Marv's Drive-In...we decide on Marv's, greasier fries. "My Boyfriends Back" is blaring on the radio. We talk about the dance steps we've learned over the years watching American Bandstand - the Jitterbug, the Locomotion, the Stroll, Mashpotatoes, Funky Chicken, the Twist, The Swim, the Jerk, and that's just a few. We reminisce about the great times we had out on the Base at the Youth Center - dances, hayrides, trips to the Sand Dunes, roller skating in Boise , making'd we get the name, Floppys, ...

...for Airmen?? Heading back into town we switch the radio to KFXD. We love it when - TGIF - T G I F - thank goodness it's Fridaaaay!!! rings in our ears. We head past Elmer's Pool Hall, Manhattan Cafe, Melon Hotel, to the right we see the Canyon Theatre, a James Bond movie is playing, Joe's Club, Idaho Power, Jovial Jerry's, Clark Motors, the Merc, Home Lumber down the street. First Security Bank, Nafziger's, Ben Franklin Store, Hub Clothier's, Tindall Furniture, Gem State Loan, DeMeyer's Drug, they're all to the north of us. We head past the old Middle School and Jr. High (alot of good old fashion snowball fights used to be held on the lot between those schools). We drive towards the High School and Green Acres Field hoping to see some school chums at the Hunger Hutt. As we drive up we hear, "I want to hold your hannnnnd" playing on the Juke Box. The conversation inside is about a gathering that might take place at the Doughnut Tree - Gridley's name comes up....something about pet peeves in the Tiger Tales...

We jump back into the car and head down the road, around by the Red Barn, then toward Carl Miller Park and the swimming pool. I wonder when they tore down the old band shell?? We head past Cloudt's Laundry and Little Harry's Beverage - "Hang On Sloopy" is on the airwaves. We wander through the neighborhood by Gridley's Market...alot of classmates grew up in this area..... We end up back out by Hiler Brother's and stop in at Hawkin's Red Steer for a Coke. We hear the Chancelors might be playing at Gary 's Sugar Shack this weekend - Cool!!! They usually just play at the Trocadero or Miramar in Boise .

We finish up and head out past the Kwic Curb Diner, Strato Lanes, Wilson Motors, Theo Pettingills, Highway 30 Salvage, and of course the Motor Vu Drive-in. Can anyone honestly say they can remember what ever was playing at the drive-in? We were more concerned about how many friends we could sneak in the trunk of our car or climb over the back gate. Once inside ...

...we would visit or of course...makeout......

With "Paperback Writer" playing, we end up out at the D.I. - is it just me or does anyone else still crave hashbrowns and gravy at two in the morning??

Well that's the end of our ride. I know I've probably left out a few of the landmarks and events of the past, but it wasn't on purpose it's just that my memory's slipping - but hey!! - that's what we're all here fill in the gaps. Thanks for coming along, now let's Gator!!!!!"




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