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The lava rock fireplace at Carl Miller Park in the middle of town - A Mountain Home icon.  There isn't a person who attended school in Mountain Home who hasn't climbed on it at some stage of their life.  A bunch of us climbed up on the wall at the 1994 or 2000 reunion and darn near killed ourselves jumping off.


Carl A. Miller of Mountain Home, was one of the boys who made the "supreme sacrifice" in the great world war. He left Mountain Home June 24, 1918 as captain of the contingent that entrained that day. He was at Camp Lewis for six weeks, a member of 32 Co. 8 B. M. then he was transferred to Co. D. 158 Inf. And sent to Camp Kearney , California , next he went to Camp Mills , New York from whence he sailed August 12. He was sent to the front almost immediately and lost his life while trying to rescue a comrade in the Argonne Forest , September 28, 1918.

A letter from his captain in France , to his mother gives account of this brave soldier's death;

France , Dec 13, 1918.

Mrs. Miller: It is with sorrow, yet again it gives me pleasure to tell you that your son died a hero, in attempting to rescue a fallen comrade, after three other men of our company had been wounded trying the same. Carl had been with us a short time and I had detailed him as a stretcher bearer. He was faithfully executing his duty, when instantly killed September 28, 1918.

"I myself was wounded September 28 and the lieutenant commanding the company at that time has given me all the details" and has also sent recommendations to the general about Carl's bravery in action.

All soldiers of the A. E. F. who died here are now buried in the same cemetery and each grave definitely marked, so that there will be no trouble in identifying and sending back home the bodies of those who paid the "supreme price."

On September 28 we were fighting in the Argonne Forest , near the town of Mt. Blainville .

I am very truly yours,

Capt. Joseph P. Cornell

Carl was born at Agalalla, Keith County, Nebraska, March 11, 1896. He was the son of Adam and Anna Guy Miller. He graduated from the Mountain Home High School . He was very prominent in athletics. In May 1919 a picture was unveiled in the high school as a memorial to him.



1955 Cynthia Carr Bday

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    IchabodDrinkingHat    IchabodDrinkingHatTom   

Wino 1975 at a camping trip he arranged in 1975 - Wino and his "Drinking Hat." - Wino & Tom ready for a night on the town

    Wino and Girl Staters Sandy Barb Marsha Suzanne.jpg (37342 bytes)    Debate

Sandy, Barbara, Wino, Marsha & Suzanne


Left - Julie D. & Judy T.

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Virgil, Tom & Wino Christmas vacation 1964 - Rick R. in the Naval Reserve




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