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Link to Don's unit in Viet Nam:  Light Horse Air Cavalry

Link to Robin's Unit - 281st Assault Helicopter Company

The Privileges of War - A book describing a rescue mission in which Robin took part.


John Mintz Central Highlands    TJ out on duty

John M. (Now Police Chief John) humping the bush in Indian Country, Viet Nam -- TJ on right in the Sandbox


TJ_Hue_Phu_Bai_1968.JPG (457646 bytes)

TJ at Hue Phu Bai 1968


Don S Scout Pilot Viet Nam.gif (219640 bytes)    Don S digging out a Loach - What happened.gif (222072 bytes)

Don C. Loach Scout Pilot Viet Nam -- How'd that get there?


TomJeep.jpg (19165 bytes)       

Tom off duty at LSB Cam Rahn -- Wino, Linda & Cynthia after Wino's discharge. -- Wino's hilarious commentary on the picture.



COEnsignThuoungsChildrenZigWaldoEarl.jpg (21633 bytes)    ChinookResupply.jpg (24278 bytes)

Dinner in our Vietnamese counterpart's home -- Our CO with our Vietnamese counterpart's three children.  Len, Tom & Earl standing.  

You could tell the FNG's by how green their fatigues were.  The longer you were there, the more faded they became. -- Airborne shopping trip bringing supplies for the next couple of weeks.



    signpost.jpg (121368 bytes)

"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."  A little R&R at the beach in Viet Nam. -- A long way from home.


Just south of Nha Trang (Nha Trang mountains and islands visible in background) at the northern end of he Cam Rahn Peninsula, just over the hill from the USAF Base and Tri-Service Ammo Dump that was blown in late 1971.




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